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Sealfast Fitting 2" F Camlock F200IAL


Type F aluminum cam and groove fittings include a male nipple (adapter) x male NPT connection. Type F camlock fittings are most often used with Type B couplers of the same size, and can also be used with Type C and D couplers and Type DC dust caps. Type F aluminum camlock couplings are used with hydraulic fluids, coolants, and gasoline and petroleum products.

Replace Old, Worn Out Or Broken Camlock Ends And Couplers. Camlocks are made of lightweight, durable aluminum. Camlock ends help easily attach hoses and tubing to water pumps. Dust Caps & Plugs help seal intake and outlet openings on water pumps and hoses for closure when not in use. Seals out leaks and prevents debris and materials from entering pump.

Sealfast Fitting 2" F Camlock F200IAL

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